Courage Under Fire

It's up to me
It's up to you
I know you're feeling like there's not a lot that you can do
Show a little grace
Courage under fire
Find a moment whose time has come
Make it yours and take it higher

I am a prisoner
In my own mind you see
Life is not a photograph
No it's a living breathing symphony of victory and pain
Don't wait for someone else my friend
Make it yours and be the change

It's up to you
It's up to me
I know you're feeling like there's not a lot you can believe in my friend
Have a little faith
Spark a fire
Find a moment whose time has come
Make it yours and take it higher

Unknown Soldier

No this can't be my destiny
I thought I'd live a good long while
That sudden sting of mortality
I am my father's pride and joy
I am my mother's child

There is a girl with a smile so sweet
she said someday she'd share my name
but that is a promise that I can't keep
oh how I wish for someday
sweet, sweet someday
but someday never come

so goodbye blue sky
I can't hear you call my name
and if they ask you why oh why
please say I didn't die in vain
say I didn't die in vain
even if you have to lie

blood it soaks well in the sand
the rain it makes a good cleansing hand
on the wind fading fast
the broken dreams of a dying man
broken dreams of a dying man
the hopes and dreams of a man

Light was Born

Be advised there is no reason
and there is no master plan
There is NOW and your reaction
Like a footprint in the sand

Everybody's got a secret
They don't want the world to know
Forgiveness can be over rated
Sometimes it's best to not let go

Will I be here tomorrow
If I am won't be the same
You be joy and I'll be sorrow
Light was born darkness became

Savage wind versus flower
Strength is not a heavy hand
Wonderful is the moment
LOVE steps in and takes command

Will I be here tomorrow
If I am won't be the same
You are joy and I am sorrow
Light was born darkness became

Town and Country

My Grandpa was not the kindest man
But he sure as hell was good to me
I wish the rest of the world would have known him like
He let himself be known to me

Guido plants grass seed in the back yard
Where the swimming pool it used to be
He married a girl she didn't like his name
So now they call him Rick
In his family

My friend Dave has never had a girlfriend
I don't know if he's straight or gay
He's a real nice guy and I like it when he's around
It doesn't matter to me either way

My Own Paradise

Way back when I was a kid
We took a trip on the spirit of 76
Not far...a couple stops down the line
Waiting for a ride but it never came
It was a beautiful day
Not a chance of rain
Think I'm gonna take my time

My own paradise
Is just a moment away
In my mind
When the time is right
I'm gonna figure it out boys
and be alright

Full moon night fresh snow on the ground
Bright as the day
No cities around
You can see for miles
There's a great big world that I wanna be
Places to go
People to see
But I come back to your smile

I know time is gonna go
Sometimes fast...sometimes slow
My and my victories
When you go I will be sad but thankful for the time we had
Bittersweet memories

Weight of the World

Cracks in the walls
Unanswered calls
Places to go and see
Lovers engaged
Killers enraged
Losing your memories
Pictures and smiles
Miles and miles
Black and white make gray
Tragedy is found wherever I'm bound
No looking away
Beauty is found wherever I'm bound
No Looking away

Bluebirds are calling
Dead leaves are falling
I feel the weight of the world

There's money to make
Chances to take
Beautiful songs to sing
Dinner with friends
Beginnings and endless winter turns to spring
Dreams that have died
Tearful goodbyes
Joy on a wedding day
Beauty is found wherever I'm bound
No looking away
Tragedy is found wherever I'm bound
No looking away

Sunbeams are shining
While lives are unwinding
I feel the weight of the world
Babies are growing
Mysteries unknowing
I feel the weight of the world

Gamma Man

If you were a hammer
Then I would be a nail
She was be a witness
The memory is her jail

twenty dollar bill won't get you in the doorway
twenty dollar bill won't get you in the door
with a five cent head
an I for the G A
Gamma Man he's got a wave for sure

Why would someone choose this ?
hell to me it makes no sense
No you can't hide the truth about yourself from yourself my friend
That's a lifetime of regret


I have seen you crashin’ angy
I have seen you paper thin
I have seen you suffer silent
When the walls were closin’ in
I have seen you climb a mountain… reaching high wanting more
I have seen you in the gutter
With your face down in the floor

Avalon… I am thinking about the promises of tomorrow
Avalon… You can save me from myself and all of my sorrow

I could disconnect my lifeline
To this world and what comes next
I would love to hear your voice
But you destroy me with a text
Did you just do something stupid or am I just getting old
Is there nothing that can phase me
Is my heart just growing cold

People Get Ready

So you think you've got it all figured out
Not a snowballs chance...shadow of doubt
Man I don't share your philosophy
I am guided by love

I've got a chip on my shoulder
For you political clowns
You're not wiser just older
And always letting us down

Don't keep your hands in your pockets
When you're walking around
You've got to be ready
If you fall to the ground

People Get Ready

Ride On

Hey Jesus just left Chicago
Head full of doubt heart full of pain
Well you can try real hard but not everyone can be saved
I'm on a road paved with good intentions
Bound on both side by mountains of shame
No good deed is suffered in vain

Some things are gonna make you crazy
Some things are gonna bring you down
Some things will get lost
Some things will get found

Just Ride
Ride On

There are moments I do remember
Man I thought they would never end
All alone in this great big world without a friend
Everyday there's joy and sorrow
All just a part of my history
But freedom doesn't mean
Everything is for free

Saints and Sinners

No sinner is beyond redemption
No saint is beyond mistake
There's a shadow of doubt in every twinkling eye
I may not have all the answers
But I believe this much is true
You'll get nothing done if you don't ever try

Open up your eyes my friend
Yesterday was not the end
Of your bittersweet
Your sweet and bitter life
Grab a sunbeam by the tail
Dream a worthy dream and sail
Into tomorrow
Looks like we're gonna be alright

No question is beyond an answer
It is revealed in good time
There's a lesson to be learned with every step you take
When you're drowning in your sorrow
Choose action one or two
Get swallowed up or ride in on the Wave

Silver From

If I built you a house on a mountain
Would you say it’s too close to the stars
If I bought you a pink Cadillac
Would you tell me you wanted a shiny sports car

Look to the left
Look to the right
I got twenty-four dollars in my pocket tonight
All the way
To the seashore
I give you my love but you still want more

If I said that your mouth was pretty
Would you think that your nose was wide
If I said your eyes shine like a diamond
Would you say you work in a coal mine

Ooh ooh ooh
Silver from

If I sang you a love song ballad
Would you say you wanna shake your ass
Always feel a little stuck in the middle
Would you, could you maybe think about that

Still Love You

Meet me after midnight
On a distant shore
Tell me all the little things
You wish you could ignore
We could drown our sorrows
Down by the sea
All of my accomplishments
Have abandoned me

But I
Still love you

It’s been in my head
What did you say
I think I’m goin’ public with the way I feel today
It’s been on my mind
What did you mean
Sixty minute shower
I still can’t get myself clean

Leave Us Alone

Monday mornin’ came without warning
I tried to avoid it in vain
I am caressed to death with lies
Under this burnin’ sky
Tuesday more of the same
Tip-toein’ around
Deafened by the sound
Of this ancient wood
Someday I’ll love you better baby
Like I know that I should

Leave us alone here
I’m too tired to fight
Days are slow
Nights are long and
I don’t care who’s right

Get on an early train
Sunshine, snow and rain
You’re always on my mind
So much for letting go
I guess I’ll never know
Towns and time keep rushing by
Tip-toein’ around
Deafened by the sound
Of my worried mind
Someday you’ll get what you deserve
Honey you sparkle and shine

Tell me something
I don’t already know

She Likes

She likes six feet under
She like big love
She like the summer
She like warm gloves
She love her children
She got good friends
She like guacamole
She like happy ends

She likes me
She’s my girl
She’s my baby

She like the taste of vodka
She like good food
She like to boogie
She got good moves
She like pretty flowers
Perfume so sweet
Sleepin’ late on Sunday
She like the beach

She like cotton candy
Sugar snap snow peas
She like jewelry
Expensive or cheap
She like vacation
Any time of year
She like shoes and handbags
Wish you were here my baby

Sweet Evil Things

Far in the distance
I mean the future
I’ll get a much needed rest
I’m tryin’ hard
To stay out of the gutter
Sometimes it scares me to death

I wanna understand
What you were going through
But I just can’t relate
Seems to me you should’ve tried a bit harder
Now it’s a little too late

I am a man
A once future king
You believe what you wanna believe
But I know of
Sweet evil things

Give me my freedom
I ain’t your lover
We ain’t even friends
I’m gonna lie like an old dog gonna lie
And wait for the end

Sweet evil things

Just Like New

You wear your sadness well
The smile that’s on your face
Is painted on in red…full of grace
You’re safe inside your room
Hey we are all the same
I want someone to love and blame

Don’t get too near the sun
But it feels so warm
Here I come unholy sun

C’mon baby rock
C’mon baby roll
C’mon baby shine, shine, shine
Like those days of old
C’mon baby bleed
Like a summer moon
C’mon baby shine, shine, shine
Just like new

Your velvet curtain blue
Can’t stop the dawn of day
With our without you it’s on its way
You think you know the truth
‘Cause you got battle scars
But we are not at war sweetheart

You been gone so long
Hey the city lights don’t make a great skyline
Been gone so long
I can’t wait
To get you off of my mind

Ballad of Mr. Barbo

Someday baby… I will be fine
Sometimes sunshine… Gets me high
Up at the lookout… In the snow
Restin’ in pine trees
Ole Barbo

There’s a dog buried on a mountain
Shot dead thought he was a deer
I thought I could see forever
Man the years they disappear

Trash talk and chemicals…every day
Bullshit and rhetoric is all you say
What kind of doctor makes a bomb
Give me medicine
And I will be gone

There was a time when I did believe
Thank you for everything
Now I gotta leave
Maybe someday we will find
That these are the best days
Of our lives

I thought I would live forever
Man the years they disappear

Black Yodel

If I had the nerve
I would get in the car
I would get in the car I would drive real far
I would
Go to Mexico maybe Ontario
Love you less and get out of this mess

If I had the nerve
I would fall in line
I would fall in line give you all of my time
I would
Give you everything
More than everything
Lose myself and go out of my mind

If I had the nerve
I would fade away
Fade away with each passing day
I would
Believe anything
Believe everything
Lose myself and have nothing to say

Do What You Can Do

Hey the last time that I saw your face
Touched your hand fell on your gaze
I think it was a sunny afternoon
Letters from the young at heart
They grace the wall...become the art
Built to last
But taken down to soon

I am Feelin’
Angry and amused
I hope that when you think of me
You smile un-mistakenly
And I will try to do the same for you

Hey the seasons come
And the seasons go
Like the people that we know
I’ll thank you now
For the time well spent
Whatever things you give and take
Whatever promises you make
You might hide ‘em from me
But not from you

I am Feelin’
Peaceful and confused
I hope that when you think of me
You smile un-mistakenly
And I will try
To do the same for you
Hey we can do only what we can do

Emerald Lake

Dirty fingers
And mysteries
Tamed my demon…temporarily
Burnin’ passion
Boiling blood
Dig a hole
Fill it up

I am reminded of you
With every breath that I take
Oh the evening sky pink and blue
Falls into Emerald lake

You know I love you
The way that you are
Make a wish on…the brightest star
I can believe you
But that ain’t enough
Dig a hole
Fill it up

If it don’t kill you
Then you live with a scar
You know I love you
The way you are

Emmit Meets a Demon

Midnight in Mississippi
It came a knockin’
On my door
I know what you’ve been up to
Said so the lady
At the general store

Please sir don’t let me linger
I am a victim
Of what you say
Come back offer your judgement
But don’t let justice
Get in your way

I hear my heart beating
I feel the blood drain
From my veins
Better concrete and barbed wire
The weepin’ willows
Cry in vain

Seven winged ladies
Lay across my cut and bloody feet
Sufferin’ in silence
Prayin’ for my soul to keep